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Friday, April 30, 2010

Testing of new ways Alertpay account.

testing of new ways Alertpay account.
Alertpay is a kind of bank in the virtual world, where if we have already verified Alertpay account, we can make sale and purchase transaction, even interesting online dollar from the results of our work.
I remember it a year ago, the process of auditing is very difficult because Alertpay alertpay portion gives the requirements which I think is very difficult, in addition to scan pictures of our identity, our savings books must be in scan and upload.

But recently, the Alertpay provide convenience for members to conduct the verification process.
To which there are two requirements that are very useful in my opinion, just add our account not later parties alertpay will send our deposit account and verification without using a phone.
These requirements, in my opinion, very simple.
Each member simply add a phone number, which will be presented in the 3 digit verification code by SMS.
My experience in making the verification process takes as four minutes check directly on our account.
How is not easy.
Good luck.


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