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Monday, April 5, 2010

PayPal account so that you are not limited.

PayPal account so that you are not limited.
PayPal names may be familiar to the master blogger, but there is no harm if I describe again with the intent to clarify, especially for new bloggers to his world, including my own.
Paypal are a kind of bank where we can save money and withdraw money, but being there in cyberspace, and even now can use paypal for payment instruments in the world of the internet.
For example we are going to buy a Casio brand watches, which sell at the store where they are outside our country can conduct transactions online using PayPal.
So we do not have to bother using a Credit Card, and do not bother to go to California just to buy branded Casio watches.
Indeed the progress of technology is now developing rapidly, it is in the pity if you have not been able to adjust the all powerful state like this now, lest you become a victim of technology, not really a friend?
Okay we go again.

For those who do not have a PayPal account, please make the first free without the fees collected.
If you've made a PayPal account, to note the things below so that your PayPal account is not limited, because if you are not limited to attract money and make transactions through your account.

  • Make sure that after creating an account at paypal, you must perform the verification process.
  • Do not wait too long, because if time is not on your verification is considered not serious in making the account, it should be on notice now for the verification process is easy you add a bank account, such as accounts Mandiri, CIMB BANK, BCA and others.
Because the paypal now again the same kind her account owner, not like years before we have to use a new credit card status can be verified, according to my paypal now many rivals such as perfecmoney, so frightened customers fled.
  • When you open a paypal account, try using a personal computer, because paypal is sensitive to NO IP, so if you use an IP address different, chances are your account will be quickly limited.
  • When making a withdrawal, use the same IP no obvious if you use a different IP no withdrawals during the first party would suspect that paypal is not your withdrawal.
  • Do not be too often open your account.
  • Do not be too big to save money on paypal, if necessary this will be better just to maintain the security of your account.
Thank you, hope you are helped and if you want to complement this article, that's my expectation.


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