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Sunday, March 21, 2010

How do I choose a topic to play adsense blog.

How do I choose a topic to play AdSense blog.
For 1 month more I learn Adsense, a lot of ups and downs that I experienced.
If we are talking about AdSense, it is not inexhaustible, began HPK, nice blog, layout and many more of course.
Okay, back to the point.

I hope you do not protest to this article, because the article I created on my personal analysis, not from others or from books on the market.
I have an opinion, if the blog is like our face, or expression of us, so if we're being polite to visitors and do not deceive visitors I'm sure many visitors are willing to click on AdSense ads on our blog.
Not true friend?
So what to do with the topic of blogs, obviously something to do.
For example you have a blog Real estate titles, but the content of your blog or exit route deviates from the topic for example contains Mp3.
This sort of thing that makes the visitor learned my lesson.
There was nothing to prohibit, you want to write anything in the blog because it was your own blog.
But we must remember that as a publisher, we are dealing with humans rather than machines, so give what the visitor wants, as long as you can give.
So basically, especially for a beginner like me playing AdSense, the contents of your blog try one topic, how do I create a topic you might be confused?
Every human being must have a hobby, such as fitness, reading books, a computer expert or other hobbies.
If you have a hobby, make a website or blog that are related to your hobby, because it aims for the future is to make the article more easily, I'm sure you will not be confusion in doing blog updates.
Anyone would complement this article, that's what I expected, and if anyone would criticize too please, because your rights when it sawasanganam said.


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