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Monday, February 1, 2010

Responding to the babble of our superiors.

Responding to the babble of our superiors.
As an employee of a company is no stranger to the name invective, spicy chatter from the boss, I'm sure if you feel as your company's employees must have experienced it.
In the middle of the capital city of Jakarta cruel every day we see only the view of traffic in all parts of the highway.
As employees of the company have certainly never experienced or stuck in traffic.
You already took pains to avoid the traffic jam, so do not be late for work.
But you also get stuck eventually resulting in insults you by your employer for reasons often late, lazy, or maybe so.

How do you squeeze that time, would you feel upset and angry and of course you do not accept that your leader growled.
Perhaps there has ever experienced it?
Please share in here.
Next if you are a team leader or head of a line in your company must be in demand by your boss to succeed in the course of the production company.
Especially today given system or task that applies to employees is the target system per day.
I wanted to ask, how your attitude as the head line of men, if any of you men do not finish the task that you provide?
Are you going to berate or send it at home or worse yet you fire him?


suci February 2, 2010 at 7:36 AM  

heLLo,,nice to meet you

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