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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Make yaur blogging job or just a hobby or to maintain prestige.

Make your blogging job or just a hobby or to maintain prestige.
Whose name is on the blog may have a lot of people today start from a free and even paid.
According to my predictions, perhaps every minute or even every second a new blog is born around the world, these days do not have a blog, what the world ..!
In the real world we must have an own house, because for the shelter, if we can not buy it, we can also rent a house for a while.
Conversely in cyberspace, we must also have a blog name, why someone might ask.
Blog is like a house, if we have a home we can start a business or sell merchandise that eventually we can get the money, as well as a blog.

A blog that is well known and has good traffic value in the eyes of search engines can make the fields of dollars, through a review, AdSense and much more.
However, there are some people who have blogs are not solely to do business but for a hobby, most of them are blogging hobby in their blogs only make a memory, diaries, saves files and others.

I am writing this article inspired by my friend, happened to him every day like the name blogging, but only to find information, friends, news.
So my friend did not want to think of his name,SEO,Page Rank,Directrory campaign blog.

Because of pride, it may also occur.
Usually these people do not focus on blogging, just because a friend went along.
Because odor can also occur because the neighborhood most people have a blog, so not in the outdated say finally create a blog.
Maybe someone has another opinion about blogging, or there is going to complete this article, I hope that, thanks.


ofiks February 16, 2010 at 11:09 PM  

tp ada benarnya jg sih..tmen ku jg gtu,punya blog cman buat exis2an aja biar ga dblang gaptek ktnya,
tp klu buatku pribadi c..pnya blog buat cri tmbahan pnghasilan,wlupun ampe skarng lom kliatan hsil yg memuaskan..he he. semangat...!!!!!

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