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Friday, February 19, 2010

How many dollars that you each month through the blog.

How many dollars that you earn each month through the blog.
I actually feel embarrassed when writing an article that the title of the dollar, because I also have never felt the delicious dollars from the blog and I am also not an expert in monetize blogs.

But there is nothing wrong if we continue to learn, learn and learn from the experienced or who has a master of monetize blog.
Lots of programs can monetize our blogs that follow, one of Google's AdSense, maybe all the bloggers have a clue what Google AdSense is where we as publishers will be paid by Google when there are a few of our blog visitors who do click on AdSense ads.
I admit it was a lot of bloggers who run this business, probably because the AdSense itself is still in control in the PPC business and how to put it on the blog, too easy, live copy at code and put on the blog, the ad itself will appear automatically which ads are appeared varied to adjust the content of the blog.

As long as I do for browsing moves to improve earning adsense, a lot of publishers who exhibit the income each month that make my eyes bulged and I furrowed my forehead, envy mixed with admiration.
Perhaps their salaries are already successful can exceed the salary of a state official, but as a beginner like me I have to do is to learn and focus, (because success does not come down from the sky) because of the learning we will be smart not true friend?

Paid to Review, a program that is also worthy of the calculated, because many bloggers who have been in the business a month said he could produce over ten million or even hundreds of millions, was fantastic ...!

One of the master who had a successful blogger who has the title (PENCURI KODE), every day in the flood of job-job program review whether what style and use the power of what he can be successful.
So much from me, maybe you want to complete this article, please, and maybe there are going to criticize, too, please.


Blogger Ceria February 21, 2010 at 4:47 AM  

I don't play GA or paid review.. so my earning from blogging is sedikit sekali.. :(

Mr.XXX February 21, 2010 at 9:23 AM  

Wah,sobat yang satu ini merendah aja.

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