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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Broken links and how to overcome them.

Broken links and how to overcome them.
This special post for beginners, who was already proficient in blogging, please disregard them.
Link is a very important component in terms of SEO.
more and more links from other sources that point to a blog, a post blogs will be more noble in comparison with the blogs that there is no link.
Even better if the link is a link in one direction and has a page rank higher than these blogs.
However, if the link is in getting from bad sources or interrupted by language which is a broken link SEO then it will hurt a blog.

For a beginner in the world of blogging, you would not understand, what the risks of blogs that have broken links and how to overcome this?
Do not worry here we can share experiences about blogging, because I myself still a beginner.
You can use the services of http://linkcheker.submitexpress.com, where you can use for free.
First thing to do, enter the blog URL is already in place in prepared and hit enter.
If later on the blog you have broken links, will see an X, so you will feel easy to monitor blogs.
In my opinion, if the blog contains broken links means deceive visitors these blog if anyone would open the link, visitors will certainly feel cured and will not stop by your blog, things like this do not happen to you.
Because in addition to visitors who are fed up, your blog will also be on the hate Google might enter the blog is in jail Google, which has a term Google Sandbox.
Maybe there is going to complete this article, I say many thanks.

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