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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Be a wise leader.

Be a wise leader.
It is called a wise leader is not easy, especially in leading numerous.
I know of a good leader is a leader who can be examples of a subordinate, the subordinate can unite and can provide solutions if there is a subordinate who had issues or problems.
Or maybe you have another opinion about the meaning of leadership?
Frankly I am writing this article inspired by this morning I experienced in a company where I worked.
It's 4 years I worked in a company engaged in the field of heavy equipment that is where I worked for Komat'su companies producing components.
Over time, after four years gave me the belief to become a team leader Machining, which subordinates the number of 20 people.
As usual, before start routine activities, the team must perform gathered machining, which in the all members gathered exchanging ideas, solve problems now facing, and may even provide criticism for the progress of the company.

Long story short at the end gathered, there are 4 of my men asked about the overtime cash delayed 1 week.
They all protested to me, how it goes, sir?
Finally, I firmly replied: I will confirm later to head of production.
After the show I gathered hurry to follow up issues affecting men, I report a complaint, and finally machining team at the head of production with a serious response.
I love lemon, as head of production to respond, but what do I get?
After the production head, asked about the pending overtime money to personnel they even occur even argue a little noisy in the office.
After that, I was called into the office by the personnel, and even more strange that my scorn, for reasons that do not make sense.
In my heart I thought, when I was just giving kids aspirations machining but why me as if the blame
. Am I wrong, how do you think?


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