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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Be a true Blogger.

Be a true Blogger.
Ever since I was at work in enforce the obligation to undertake overtime, I eventually affected, which is rarely updated blog.
But today I even less fit physical condition.
On this occasion, I just write articles short enough and I still specialized for beginners in blogging world.
Okay, straight course.
These days, blogs have had many many people either just because a hobby or even have a blog for business.
To create a blog, it's easy going but to become a blogger's real hard, and the following terms.
1.Blogger a journalist can say, why being a blogger must be diligent in making the articles of quality which
could eventually be useful for many of our articles and we will have to submit to infotainment, none other than Google, Yahoo, MSN and others.
2.Blogger must have an honest soul, here I mean if we are lazy to make the article itself, we are allowed to borrow articles on other people, but do not forget we must include the original source.
Things like this are often violated by some of the bloggers who are not responsible.

3.Bloggers should have a decent character, here in the ad do bloggers make comments to blogger others, instead of our name and our url put, but some keywords to target.
Frankly, I was not really into the model that comments like this because including spam.
4.Bloggers should have a rather friendly nature, is associated with a frequent visitor and fellow blogger added kinship.
Maybe there is going to complete this article, that's my hope, or something that would please the right to criticize you if sawasanganam said.


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