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Thursday, January 28, 2010

What should we be prepared in business online.!

What should we be prepared in business online..!
Here I will discuss what needs to be prepared to run a business online, especially monetize blog.
Monetize your blog can be said to create a store, but not the actual store but the store could not see because of online businesses only in cyberspace.
The following should be prepared:

1.Email, email is very important role in this, because if there is contact us via email that we can communicate with customers.
For it is now very easy to email, making a lot of email services for free such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, Rocket mail, Plaza and many more.

2.Blog or website, it is also very important if you jump into the world of online business, blog URLs for your store.
How you can put your merchandise if you do not have a store or blog.
Can still sell without a store, the vendors become which means you do not have a formal place and any time you are threatened in dismissal by officers with the road disorderly reasons.
To create a blog now, too easy, living clack-click directly so.
For example on Blogger.com, you can create a blog with ease and was on a subdomain and hosting provided free of charge.

3.Bank account online,
In the real world there's a bank, in a virtual world on the other hand there is also a term which bank is very important function if you go through an online business because it works for your transactions.
For example PayPal, who does not know paypal.!
PayPal is a payment instrument in the virtual world more famous today.
How do I, just a list on the official website at www.paypal.com.
You do not forget after having a PayPal account, you must verify that your account is safe in use.

4.Next is a will, why did I say the will?
Keep in the know that running an online business is not easy, should require hard work, willingness, determination, a serious study, and the last one you should be diligent in praying to God to give you at ease.
Maybe you want to share the experience, that's what I expected and I wait for his comments.
Thanks,good luck..


suciyellow January 30, 2010 at 6:53 PM  

ooo..i dont understand about english..hehe

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