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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Get the Twitter client application, make friends Blogger.

Get the Twitter client application, make friends Blogger.
Maybe you all already know, what it twitter.Details: Twitter is social networking sites are more popular, after my Twitter facebook..Can make drugs stress, or boredom when we're working or on long trips.
However, it should note, especially social networking users, to install exactly is Twitter Client in mobile format, and as an alternative to the mobile version of Twitter site.
Here I will introduce Gravity.Gravity a S60-based Twitter client.
One advantage is able to support the account in large numbers.
These days do not have Twitter accounts? What the world later.
This application adopts Account type front page.
The user can instantly get a visual guide to post status, can also control the status of friends, find a topic that is still hot.
Simply feed click menu to look, it will automatically display on the main screen.
View Twitter feed in the format menu GRAVITY fairly easy and simple to operate.
While Tab is placed over the time line allows the user to instantly switch Switch from a different menu view.
In addition users can post images to TwitPic, TustGoo, or Posterous.
There are also facilities here ping.fm blogger friends can promote their site.if you are interested? If the answer you agree, quickly find the application
. Thanks a lot.


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