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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Between married,the house and children.

People are already destined to each other in pairs between men and women.Blogger friends,might agree with the terms above?Married is the duty of every human being,and must be done if person feels able.
Able in the sense.One example,can provide physical and spiritual needs.And should not be married to do for those who have not been able.Have not been able in a sense,age is still to young,do not have a job and can not provide.
In a situation like this,my friend do not push yourself,to get married,even though your should mate can not stand.You should be able to for get about getting married as much as possible,unless you are on the birth of the offspring of the rich.
Next,I will discuss about the homeless.own home,it is the dream of every family.However,to make a house to day is not as easy as making oatmeal.Takes time,process and cost is not small.
Next,a child.I am sure,if you area mother,must have longed for a child.Because can happy family.I wealthy family,luxury homes,has a number of saving of millions,if not a crying baby be less happy.And supposedly he said,the presence of a child can bring an abundant provision.
I wanted to ask,if you're married,which one would you first?

A.You want to build luxury homes first,then think of a child.
B.You want to have kids first,then think of luxury home.
C.Or do you think of them.

I wait in the comment box.Thanks you!!


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