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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Benefits of swallow's nests.

arts and cultureSwallow bird that has name Lathin Collacalia Fuciphap.I wonder what the follow.Maybe if we see the saliva will feel nauseons.Perhaps in the modern state,people would spit on the wear of sanctions.But if the spit swallow,what is happening.Maybe you feel strong,salive what is useful?
Maybe some people already know the benefits of swallow's nests.
Swallow bird had a habit of making a nest in a cave,tall buildings,especially the old houses are still classics.Especially the dark,clamp is a favorite place for swallow.
I never go on holiday on the island of Java,precisely in the area Kebumen.We will see a swallow bird statue,a symbol that the city has product superior Kebumen of swallow's nests.it was said swallow's nests can increase strength,endurance and much more.
Processing system if we make soap in the mixed spice in the broth.Well mixed with ginseng and black pepper.Because the swiftlet nests ge hard on,we will have to willing to buy at a great price.One of the many that swallow's nests Yogyakarta region,precially in the coastal areas Parang Tritis.The cave is steep and rugged is the favorite place swallow,because of the difficulty i reach by a man.Often takes victims rarely,if some one is desparate to take those swallow's nests.
Thanks,hopefully this article useful to you.


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