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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Natural culture Grojogan Sewu.!

arts and cultureGrojogan Sewu a tourist place located in Central Java and located on the slopes of Mount Lawu.
Here is the point of the waterfall can be enjoyed with your family.Grojogan sewu has a height 80 meters.
To reach the center of the waterfall,we had to walk and takes 2.5 hours. I've reached the peak time Grojogan Sewu atfend school tour,exactly the year 2000.
Do you believe? When I feel tired remarkable.My legs seemed to break,and heart pounding.Grojogan Sewu a natural culture tha is still a virgin,and untouched by humans.
Are you interested?Hopefully you can go there in the near future.Thank you.Good luck.!


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