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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Arts and Culture of temple Prambanan.!

arts and cultureIndonesia is country rich with art and culture Prambanan one or more known temples Loro Jonggrang.
Loro Jonggrang is a folk legend who is still popular in the of Central Java.
This legend tells of the love of young man named Bandung Bondowoso Pengging king's son.
After the Bondowoso win the war against the empire Boko,Bondowoso fell in love with doughter of the Kingdom of Boko,who called Loro Jonggrang.
Loro Jonggrang reject,Princess Bondowoso receive love from home to meet the requirements 2.
Must make a well and a thousand temples overnight.Actually almost 2 terms copletes,has 999 temples with the cunning contruction of a temple at the Princess defeated by Loro Jonggrang.
Bandung Bondowoso angry and cursed the lady into the temple to 1000.
That old story is still circulating in the community of Central Java.Of the books I read assentially the same story.Prambanan temple still stading strong and tourist attraction.There are many arts and cultural indonesia at popular.That you are interested?May you much luck and went to Prambanan temple with beloved family.


computer support October 25, 2009 at 7:58 PM  

nice info bro.. btw, apa ga sebaiknya judul blognya di sesuaikan dengan isi?

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