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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The meaning of the no-follow and do-follow, create a blogger beginners ..!

Was No-follow is true? Lately a lot of forums (which I visited) talked about this (I really do not understand too well) but out of curiosity I kept browsing and looking for info on forums, blogs, etc.. Eventually I began to find a bright spot. According to Wikipedia, no-follow is an HTML attribute used to instruct some search engines or search engines (not all affected) to a hyperlink which does not affect the ranking of the link target in the search engine index. This is done to reduce the effectiveness of spam in some search engines, thereby improving the quality of search results that will be undertaken by a search engine and prevent spamming (index spam too) in the search engines. Many blogs that use this attribute with the reason does not want his page ranking (Google PR) decreased with no follow-installing the search engine will ignore the links no-follow affected area (usually comment) so as not to be regarded as back-link. popular blogs like wordpress and blogger have this attribute set (default setting).

As for Do-follow itself is the opposite of No-follow (do not have to explain again, it would understand)


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