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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Verified site in the webmastertool...!

After making a successfully blog in the Blogger.com you must register your blog in www.WebmasterTool.com
And verified.Why do I need to be verified...?Beginners who may ask the blogger.I also beginners..The goal is clear,so that you can blog in the index by search engine and search engine believe that the blogs listed in the property a part you.A pride if we can index blog search engine.Easy ,click directly wrong directly only to the problem.
1.Click www.WebmasterTools.com
2.Then click add site.Written URL.Example http://yourblog.blogspot.com
3.Click verified.There are two method to verified site.a.Add meta tags.b.Upload file that have the code :google2345amgt.html.
Your user Blogger.com,I suggest a way that the first add META tags.Please a meta tags code in the page template below <head>
Before you edit the template you how to download complete with template for security reason of privacy.Last put meta tags click save template.Direct you to the page and click www.WebmasterTools.com and click verify site.Sure you correct the process.Tanks.Congratulation try.Good luck..!


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