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Thursday, August 13, 2009

So that when the blog is not heavy on the access..!

I want toHow are you beginners blogger?All healthy,and good design of the blog.If you have a hobby surfing in the internet world,you may never find a blog that at the time of access is too heavy.Sure more your blog to have a brother who is .if blog,the weight to the access it is clear you will feel a great ,go ahead with the disease to discuss this one.
A blog will be heavy on access if:blog template.Chaotic less good.Many pages that you can empty.Improvement your blog templates,so that neat.Can take advantage of free service cssDrive,com.com.Prior to the www.cssDrive.com you should copy all the template,you must have blog.This click
www.cssDrive.com and copy to enter the result in the box provided.if already click compress.After that copy the result and again you have to free dire to page.Click dashboard layout and EDIT HTML.Buck-up templates,and remove all the code template.Replace in with the template compress.Click save template.My message carefully,not in hungry.trying to relax bing.<Tanks,SEE YOU >


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