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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Know SEO,for blogger beginners..!

Be happy to learn SEO this time will be sharing Tips to Increase Blog Traffic requests. I believe these tips will help you, if you continue and do it consistently. Here are tips on improving traffic:

* Commenting on other blogs: It has been proved that the comments on other blogs can increase traffic to your blog. Leave a good comment garnished with humor, because people like humor.

* Submit your article to Social Media Site: social media sites is the best place where you can submit articles and get traffic to your blog instantly. Try to send your articles to Digg, or Technorati. Or it could be to local media such as social Disorders.

* Comment on the online community: Join and take part in online forums and communities. Do not forget to add a signature to your blog URL, to capture traffic to your blog.

* Bookmarking Article: Ask your guests to mark the article. Sites like StumbleUpon, Delicious, Google Bookmarks and delicious can give you lots of traffic.

* Interacting with a comment poster: Make a friendship relationship with your blog comment poster. Always trying to help the commenter in solving their problems, if it is not possible, give them a link to somewhere that will solve their problems, do not worry about them leaving your site, if they need your help they will return.

* Writing a Consistent: Write at least 3-5 articles a week of reason. Doing this will make your visitors understand that you are a dedicated blogger who cares to help. If you're not consistent enough to write then why are you readers will be consistent to visit your blog.

* Submit your blog on Blog Directories: Submit your blog to Technorati, TechMeme, BlogCatalog and other blog directories. Blog directory is also the place where you can register your blog and can increase the traffic especially when your new blog created.

* Create a link to another article: This is very much help visitors, also includes tips on improving traffic easily, they were expected to linger comfortable on your blog.

* Be patient: Tips last increase traffic is the most important, it tells you to be patient. Whatever you do, be it building a big house or making a million dollars, it takes time, so did business online. Consi


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