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Friday, August 28, 2009

Creative on Google Adsense for blogger beginners...!

monetizeif you are beginners blogger do not give up so easily to enroll in the Adsense,even thought it seemed difficult to account registration.Here is blog which you should prepare as a requirement prior to registering blogs on Adsense so that certainly meant blog / site mate quickly accepted:

1.Content blog has a language that supports the requirements of Adsense account. For example English, at least 75% portion, even better if 100%.

2.For new business blog or a new born a few days should not be registered immediately, wait a few weeks. Approximately 10 days .. Article includes a minimum of ten posts, the more the better. Articles in content gradually not all at once, so at least make 2 postings per day.

3.When you register and wait in approve, try to keep posting every day.

4.Blog using blogspot platform should not use the default template / inherited from blogspot.!! adsense broker later suspected that the blog was intentionally created specifically for showing ads from AdsenseMany sites / web-templates free web provides a variety of interesting themes and according to the taste and needs of our blog theme.

5.if you faster at approve use my own domain and hosting his www.blogspot.com!! if that is guaranteed aproved da ..Example creative domain this click http://www.name.com must receive direct to Adsense.

6Title / blog titles or blog content, content with keywords that smells of money or sale value, for example: make money online, adsense tips, online business, affiliate marketing, Gadgets,S.E.O, marketing, etc.. Use the keyword "online business", because not sell for a global market!

The most important advantage 7.Pray and leave it all to Google Adsense team .. .. mean the same God Almighty .. because all that determines the gods, humans can only pray and try.Good luck.


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