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Friday, August 28, 2009

Compaign blog quickly..!

I've reviewed a little more about blogging and writing promotion in previous writings, mostly because I know from experience and mistakes of my own fault that it is possible to make an extra income from a blog is really good, but also because it seemed new, the most people do not make the most of blogs they have.

If you have Adsense on the blogs, there are many different things you can do with easy to increase your traffic and earn extra money.

The first step you should do is setting your blog to www.pingomatic.com as soon as you update it, Pingomatic.com offers an all-in-one service is free pinging which includes all the directories and extensive blog search engines ( search engine).

On Blogger.com, you can get this in other blog tool settings such as Movable Type and Wordpress have a similar option. You should also set up an RSS feed so people know where you update it. Far from the fact that you now can put ads in your Feeds, it can keep visitors coming back regularly to see more ads (and see the last postings).

Instead of connecting to the post-post monthly and weekly the foregoing, each page should also have its own link. It sounds so obvious is not it? And now how many blogs that you've seen with a link to some twenty different entry?

One link for each entry means more pages for the ads, the links to the best of the outside sites and search engine rankings higher. You must provide comments on other blogs, especially blogs that make things like your site, but surely, the best way to move traffic to your blog is to make it a blog that has great content.


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