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Friday, August 21, 2009

Blog register to DMOZ Open Directory! to blogger beginner.

Many directory on the internet.I tink Open Directory Project the most famous and popular.Registration our blog to dmoz take two weeks,in the declined or approve,we also do not email you in the post from dmoz. regulation share very strict,even in Open Directory Project not use human robot.Google also suggest that we in the blog list to Open Directory Project.Rules we must obey,if we will registration the blog to only
1.Not,blog content blog porn.Have porn contents,it is better to forgot the term Open Directory Project.
2.Blog must be clean from advertising,any form,also install Adsense.
Approve if it,all ready you free advertising.
3.Original content is not copy paste.Index,for now the Open Directory Project,and famous popular.Would like to try,please click http://www.dmoz.org


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