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Saturday, August 15, 2009

I want to sharing expiriences for you|Anvantage is PingTechnorati for blog..!

arts and cultureA few years ago, a search on the internet through search engines by having a revolution of ideas that are very simple and powerful, that the relevance of a website on the set by how many link to the website and consider the "important" in the blog world. Don't blogger beginners.I very happy to devide of experience for you.Okay ...!Hyperlink to become more significant since the blogger love to link and comment on another blog, this is to create a sustainable and mutually related such as a conversation that is very knowledgeable. With to Technorati, we can find out how much a link to a website or a particular topic on the internet at the moment. This may happen because Technorati can receive the ping / notification / notifications that a blog / weblog in the update, whether using a service such as Blogger, Blogdrive etc., or blog using blogging software like WORDPRESS, etc.Each day it receives notification from the Technorati blog updated, so easily known anyone who in-link to a blog-who's linking to whom.
Technorati currently oversees more than nine million weblogs, more than 100,000 2 years ago.View Internet Study estimate around 27%, or about 32 million internet users in America are visitors / blog readers that routine. New weblogs appear every 2.2 seconds, which means that there are around 38.000 new weblogs each day. Blogger - people who write in the blog / Weblog - to update their blogs regularly, there are about 500,000 posts daily, or about 5.8 posts per second.
If you can creative account this click http://www.technorati.com
After registering you will feel the intensity of the directory one.Pleace try...!


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