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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Advantage if the blog in the list in BlogCatalog..!

How are you the blogger beginners.All healthy,and good design of the blog.You heard about the term Blog Catalog. I mean, and what uses mainly a blog.
Learn with me, I am also new to the world blog.
According to my Blog Catalog directory is enough popular.Very much directory available on your blog internet.If you registered in the directory, and your blog will be more popular and fast it will be all over the world.So you will be guests and visitors. You definitely get pride of course, if your blog does not popular.Registration hard, live, click directly finish.We experience when I register it only takes approximately 10 minutes.If you want to try to please register inhttp://www.BlogCatalog.com
Click sign up.You at sing will be taken to a page to fill out form. After filling the form, you will be the code for the meta verify.Last after verification process at the time this process is similar in verification blog Webmaster Tool.Putting code under the meta <head> After you'll be taken to a page that category.You leave this alone, and go to install the Plugin and you have to install the blog page. For the last you will be ordered to complete the form registration.a interested, please ... try!


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